Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dancing a Hole In the World

Last night at På Besök was brilliant! Thanks to everyone who turned up, to Albulene for challenging the technology and her cold, to Anna and Mette for the flowers, and Jonthan for the after-party. If you haven't got enough of that pop pop action, step into the sunshine this afternoon and direct your ears toward the sound emanating from Debaser's outdoor stage. Bands are playing there from 5ish, and then moving indoors for those dangerous Deidres that have to be kept locked up except for when allowed on stage. It's their glasses they say. Are they telling the truth? Well, you won't find out till you buy their new cd on Cosy Recordings. They've even called it Why Do My Glasses Give You the Heeby Jeebys?. I'm playing records for bit after half nine, a purely indiepop diet this time. Expect both playlist to be up by tomorrow!

We went to Retro for a while after Don't Die On My Doorstep, but it was nowhere near as good as last Saturday when the mighty Brogues paid So Tough! So Cute! a visit. He must've felt in his element with all that rain, slipped and played all the wrong songs, but stumbled upon some real corkers. His playlist is here. The man has an incredible lowest level, I tell you.