Monday, May 5, 2008

When People Were Shorter and Lived Longer

So this is what all the secrecy's been about? These little blighters? Yes this is it. I did put a lot of work into doing them, and besides, they're gorgeous! What are they? 3" compilation cds of course, the luxury version of the Cloudberry thing. They're printed in two layers of bone-white watercolour paper and transparent tracing paper, stapled together and sealed with red strings of sewing thread. They hold eight fabulous POP songs, used completely without permission. You can see the tracklisting for yourself below, and as you can probably tell there's a new A Smile and a Ribbon song in there.

CLOUD 55 V/A - Unconscious Honeymoon

So what's the deal? They're not for sale, and I only made twenty copies anyway. But anyone who comes to see A Smile and a Ribbon play this week has the chance of getting one, as we're giving away at least one copy per show. Or you might also be a Virtual and/or Non-Virtual Friend, and been promised a copy already. See YOU soon, and the rest of you in a week.


Pete said...

Oh woweee! They look beautiful!

Dennis said...

Ah not fair! ;)

Will you at least make sure ASAAR will play the Netherlands this week then?

It looks seriously pretty. Very nice job!

shelfboy said...

those look amazing!! have fun on tour!

Anonymous said...


If only I could be there. All the best on the shows!

And if there are any extras I would love a copy.


Alison Eales said...

They're stunning - I'm completely nicking that idea. :P

Anonymous said...