Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm In Love With a Girl I'm Not Sure Exists

I recently ordered some records from Bart and his Library label and mailorder. Almost all the records listed are still available, and I was very pleased to finally acquire a copy of Pencil Tin's only album, released by Bus Stop in 1996. It's called A Gentle Hand to Guide You Along and followed the classic pop single that was "Poignant". This Australian band sounds a bit like The Cat's Miaow, as does all the bands Bart has been involved with, but it's less heavy on the reverb and more light on the touch. 12 songs are over and done with in just over twenty minutes, but you will already have pressed the repeat button so don't worry. Or perhaps you should. That's why Bart put around 40 tracks each on the Cat's Miaow compilations - a kind gesture that prevents you from just listening to same record over and over. Here, you'll be helpless! You'll probably play "Smile" here below about twenty times to start with. I had to listen to "Be With Me" about twenty times and I still wasn't sure it was not a cover. It sounds like it could have been one of the biggest hits of the 90s for another artist. Maybe it's just because I'd heard the Cat's Miaow version of it about forty times...

I also picked up the classy 10 Songs About Cars and Girls by Bart and Friends, which besides a great cover actually has TWELVE songs on it AND on the back of that a Cat's Miaow compilation called Live, Demos & Out-Takes with another 21 tracks! Another kind gesture. You may have noticed that a Bart & Friends song from this cd was in the sidebar a while ago.

Apart from Bart, Pencil Tin also had Bianca and Robert in its ranks. Robert is actually a proper Australian indiepop celebrity after doing time in both The Sugargliders and The Steinbecks. He's also recorded solo, like all real celebrities. As a final kind gesture Bart included Robert's full-length album with my order, as it 'sold about five copies when it came out' he said. It's very good actually, and now Bart has updated the Library site to say he'll include BOTH Robert Cooper and Pencil Tin for FREE with ALL orders above 40 Australian dollars! Now that's my kind of person.


Wally said...

I loved the Robert Cooper album and the Pencil Tin album is an all time classic!

emma said...

do you think he has style, do you like how she smiles.