Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunsets At Her Window, Rainbows At Her Door

I'm happy to report that we're currently booking the whole summer for Don't Die On My Doorstep at a new venue. It's called På Besök and is a place I've really liked for several years, and we hope they will like us more that our previous collaborators! The first date is 28th of June and to reflect the new spirit of things we've updated the Myspace profile a bit. I'll be back with further details about the night soon. I should also say that, like every month, there's new exciting music in the player so give us a visit when you're bored.

In fact already on Friday next week there will be some DDOMD action, when I'm playing records at the unfaltering Taramasalata club in Gothenburg (which is still named after an Eggstone song and nothing else!). Expect to hear Vivian Girls, The Rainyard, new School hits, the best of Mousefolk, Icelandic garage-psych and a generally noisy set full of pop frustration, as I'm making up for not having played in a few months. You should also expect some live music from now Gothenburg-native Komon, if you arrive early enough. Bring Back Throwaway Pop!