Thursday, May 1, 2008

Disco Deer

This is just wee update to alert you to a handful of things of note. First of all the reason there's been no club night this month and we have no more dates confirmed at the moment is that we're trying to find a new venue. In the meantime you can enjoy yourself with the monthly new mix on MySpace!

As you can see I've added a list of records from 2008 worth buying in the sidebar. This is so I won't have to post whenever there's a new essential record out (which is several times a week at the moment!) and I don't really have a lot else to say.

Also, Fire Escape Talking has posted both of the rare White Sisters singles. White Sisters was Borchardt's band prior to Honeybunch, and I think Ric and Paul where in on these as well.

There's good news from Marineville Records' Andy Parker. He's recently salvaged what remains of the label's back catalogue and will be selling decently priced new copies of the Anyways compilation amongst others. He mentioned he might create a new website, but he might also be selling here.


FireEscape said...

Ric and Paul were not involved in The White Sisters, although Ric did run (or co-run) Picture Book, who released the second single.

Anonymous said...

Hi, good news about Marineville! Unfortunately, I haven't got anything by The Anyways... yet! Will you email me if you know when he's got the website/eBay up?

ha det fint!