Monday, May 5, 2008

It'll Soon Be Over For Me

I've been making posters and flyers for Klubb K3 here in Malmö for a while, but the last club night is on Thursday next week. Bo, who runs it, has decided to give it up after three years - perhaps someone else at the university will pick up the torch? Who knows. This is the last flyer.

It seems I won't get much rest after the tour as there's this, and immediately on Tuesday when we get back Television Personalities are scheduled to play at Debaser. Wonder if they'll turn up? There are no advance tickets, so the venue is obviously not taking any chances!


Natalie said...

Sorry to contact you in this way but couldn't see an email on your website! Just to let you know that we're announcing the Sunday headliners for Indietracks on Monday at midday - check out for more details! We've also set up a festival blog at and linked across to you, hope that's ok! The blog has got all the latest gossip from the festival, band interviews and free mp3s! We're always looking for contributors, so do feel free to make any suggestions!

brogues said...

How was that TVPs show? Hope Dan was together and looking well.

Anonymous said...

hi there..... my band The Hillfields would love to play in Sweden so if the club does get a new organiser let us know. We love Heaven is above your head, and are looking to play some shows in Malmo towards the end of the year..

rob hillfield