Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guitar amp&

Happy Happy Birthday to Me have some new 7"s out, one of which is Sourpatch's follow-up to the brilliant debut lp Crushin'. The ep contains four tracks and I think their music works best on this format. "Deli Dream" opens up like an almost Tiger Trap affair, an influence they're not only with anymore (listen to the fantastic Seapony for example). The other three songs are over in five short but sweet minutes, during which you can admire the cover - screenprinted, as usual, on thick brown paper.

Also out is the second single from Sweater Girls, now without Allan Kingdom in the line-up. Three new and exciting songs, but still with some of the worst recorded drums in pop history. The three, plus "Sweater Weather" are also to be found on split with The History of Apple Pie, released by new London-based cassette label Cool In a Crisis - definitely a medium that is more forgiving to their sound.

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Allan Kingdom said...

Allan here. Although I am no longer a member of the band, I did contribute to the songwriting, arrange and produce the songs on both this EP and the Cool In A Crisis tape.

I think "the worst recorded drums in Pop History" is a little harsh.