Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Greetings From the Lollipop Guild

Welcome, have a seat on one of our fluffy cumulus clouds. Don't worry, I know most of you been on planes and think 'if you can fly through a cloud you can't very well sit on on!", but these are proper 'for-sitting-on' clouds. Guaranteed. I thought it was stupid standing down there in the rain, so I came up here. Where it's always cloudy, but alway sunny. Or starry. This is where POP! music is made, I've been told. It was The Clouds who said it, and they should know. "Tranquil" couldn't have been written anywhere else. Then they descended from from pop heaven to the grey streets of Glasgow. I seriously never thought I'd write about the goings-on in Malmö, but when I came back from Glasgow I realised my new friends might be curious as to what living here is like, just as I started writing The Rain Fell Down to tell people about Glasgow. And after I met the incorporeal daydreamer Ophelia Winters I realised that heaven is above my head too. So here I am, over the rainbow. Let me tell you an anecdote from Munchkin Land. Do you know the difference between rock and pop? A rock band would say "hey, get off of my cloud". I say "have a seat and make yourself comfortable". Have a lolly.