Saturday, August 28, 2010

Visigoth Isthmus

The new Intelligence album just came out on In the Red, making it their fifth. There are a number of reasons why I like The Intelligence. For one they have been going since 2003, when most beach bums who now want to be on In the Red were still in school - something the last album Fake Surfers seemed to comment on. Add to that lyrics that contains a considerable dose of that very same intelligence. Males seems less infused with the self-referential attitude of their previous record, except for the Facebook ditty "Like Like Like Like Like Like Like" perhaps.

On here you'll find a new recording of my favourite Intelligence number to date, "The Beetles", which sadly sounds inferior to the version on The World Is Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8. When I think about it, the production is what makes this album less interesting than say, Icky Baby from 2005, which is arguably still their best effort. Plus points though, for the total length being under 30 minutes, and for Lars Finberg's 12-string Squier Venus showing on the cover.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beach Boys Are the Best Boys

It's been quite a while since I posted an mp3 here, but recently I found a group that simply requires a post. I'm talking about Houston-based group The Coastliners. Apparently they still play together occasionally, as this article suggests, but they formed in 1963 and released their first single in 1966. "The Lonely Sea" was a cover of The Beach Boys song, with a b-side in the same style - which you can stream here. For their next single they were picked up by International Artists (later to sign groups like 13th Floor Elevators). The slightly more rocking "Alright" was backed with a more bubblegum number, "Wonderful You", which you'll find below. At about the same time they also signed with the Back Beat label, for whom they cut two singles. The first one, "She's My Girl", had the great garage stormer "I'll Be Gone" on the flip, using the riff of The Turtles' "Almost There". That song has been blogged here.

Their final single "California On My Mind" from 1967, is almost ruined by a phaser effect that is sadly typical of its time. However, the group's finest moment arrive with the b-side "I See Me", which I've already decided to end my set in Berlin with. Oh yes, I am playing records at the indiepop weekender in Berlin (September 3-5th).

The Coastliners changed their name to The U.S. Males after this, recording one more single in 1968 "Come Out of the Rain"/"Open Up Your Heart". These songs are included on vol. 122 & 125 of Lost Jukebox, so I expect to have them soon.

CLOUD 117 The Coastliners - Wonderful You