Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Braved Herring

The first album by The Girls At Dawn will be released this summer by garage (reissue) label Norton. It will look like this, and by the sounds of their upcoming single on Tic Tac Totally (hear it on myspace) it will be a real corker. They've already put out a little something on Norton, namely a split-7" in the Rolling Stones cover series. They tackle "That Girl Belongs to Yesterday", and the 7" is shared with The Gaye Blades' version of "Ruby Tuesday".

Now The Gaye Blades is a band I've heard very little of but their legend is building in my mind.
The Gaye Blades was Bobby Ubangi of The Lids and a Jared from Black Lips. 'Was' because Bobbby tragically died in cancer last year, which means the upcoming LP on Norton must be a posthumous collection of old material. That would be a good idea, since their two singles seem quite tricky to come by. Their track "Bobby Is a Lover" has become an underground (quite far under, that is) hit after the band was included on the Wild About Jenkem comp. Bobby released a solo album before his death, as well as a single under the name Bobby & the Soft Spots.

M'Lady's have some great singles out this summer too. We're still waiting for the La La Vasquez 7" but in the meantime you can pick up Coasting's hyped vinyl debut. Featuring Fiona from New Zealand group The Coolies on drums (she now also plays in Vivian Girls apparently) they're based in Brooklyn and started playing only a few months ago. M'Lady's site says the limited purple vinyl edition is sold-out, but I got one anyway!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Obscene Shorts

Summer and no more school means posting should be picking up here! To kick things off, here is our mix for the summer featuring many old and even more new tracks. Make sure you hold your tape-player high above the water while swimming. Cover included.

CLOUD 116 V/A - Meet Me At the Beach