Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beyond the Tee

As this is almost finalised, I though I'd post it here. A Smile and a Ribbon are heading over to North America for the first (and maybe last) time! We've got eight gigs as you can see, and we're playing with some great bands. We feel very privileged to start off our tour at the popfest in NYC, and I want to see virtually every single band. One of the gigs is the farewell gig of one of my favourite bands: Pants Yell!. It feels very special to play with them since both me and Kajsa hung out with them a lot on their only trip to Sweden, before A Smile and a Ribbon existed as a band.

To coincide with the tour, Cloudberry are releasing our new single and Roque will supply us with some copies for the tour, so empty your band accounts. We are also on the next volume of The Beautiful Music's Television Personalities comp, which is out soon.

Our friends from Malmö, Leaving Mornington Crescent are accompanying us to NYC Popfest and it feels weird that we will be playing next to legendary Swedish groups like The Embassy (whose mediocre live capabilities are as legendary...).


emily said...

so excited for the montreal gig!

e6gMan said...

Why no Midwest gigs? :(