Saturday, April 10, 2010

While the Silver Moves Around the Room

Captured Tracks have done well in picking up the best new bands of the year so far, La La Vasquez and Girls Names from London and Belfast respectively. The former have done a 3-track 7" and have one more coming up on M'Lady's. Girls Names offer us a 12" with the prospect of future greatness in the form of a Tough Love release. But the best band bar none, that I've heard this year is actually French. The Liminanas, or The LimiƱanas, have two singles out right about... now.

One is part of HoZac's Hookup Club and features the fantastic "I'm Dead", which could have been on the French volume of Girls In the Garage. The other one is pictured above, and while you are ordering from Trouble In Mind anyway (who have quiet cheap overseas postage!) you should also pick up the new single by Hollows. Unfortunately the 4-way split featuring, amongst others, Ty Segall's take on "2+2=?" (by Bob Seger System), can only be bought in person at gigs.

CLOUD 115 The LimiƱanas - I'm Dead


brogues said...

Gotta agree on The Liminanas. Outstanding! Great find, sir. I hope 'I'm Dead' isn't just available to subscribers to the Hookup Club as I NEED it. (I don't care if that sounded pathetic!)

todd said...

nope! The Liminanas debut single "I'm Dead" on Hozac is NOT part of the subscription-only Hookup Klub, and it's available at, but going fast...