Saturday, May 15, 2010

Last Time Around

The Cave Weddings were one of the brightest hopes of 2009. Now they have split up and released a posthumous single on German label Bachelor. The a-side "Last Time" sounds like a rough demo, but it's really the b-side "Never Never Know" that makes this record truly amazing. Erin takes the lead vocal over 2010's catchiest guitar riff yet! Get your slab of pastel green vinyl now. You should also pick up The Elektras only single ever, one of few Bachelor back catalogue items still available. The cover reads "Rare girl garage trash from Munich 1963!", which is mostly true except that a more correct date would be 2007. Sadly The Elektras have also split up since several years ago.

The third single on my kitchen table is the latest racket from Oxnard's Maria. "Love Is Something I Know Nothing About" came out on their own Yay! label last year, and it's their best effort to date. I picked up my copy from the Fraction table at Copenhagen Popfest, but you can also order directly from Yay! of course, perhaps when that Watercolor Paintings/Sea Lions split-12" finally comes out? Up on the Yay! site now, is also details for an upcoming Tartans single that is going to feature my two favourite Tartans tracks "West of La Brea" and "Tarmac". Yay.

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