Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cloaked Clocks

Another great band from France - Alan McGee should reconsider! After hearing The Limiñanas a few weeks ago, it didn't take long until Brogues tipped me about Young Michelin, who just supported The Wake in Paris yesterday. Couldn't have imagined a more suitable match really! Young Michelin released a single on digital label Holiday last year, but for some reason you can't get to it now. Anyway, the a-side is also included on their first 7", which is available now from Bulle Sonore Records.

The latest (and perhaps greatest) release on Holiday is a new outing for The Metric Mile, who seem to have busied themselves recording new material and apparently have yet another ep coming up. "Since April Left" is a perfect spring single and puts them into a slightly more synth-pop mode, especially on the b-side "Stephen and Me" that approaches They Go Boom!! territory.

Band of the month at Don't Die On My Doorstep last month was The Soft City, a British band started by Phil Sutton of Kicker (and Comet Gain). They sound similar to Kicker (but even better!) and it seems my previous confusion of them with The Soft Set seems justified aurally as well as literally. Their first album is out now on Plastilina and includes ten fantastic songs, and my favourites are the jangly "Cold Hearts" and the almost Velocette-sounding "Capital Soul".

I just got a copy of Peter Parker's new single, which is a split with The Sexual Objects (ex-Fire Engines), and it is definitely the Peter Parker side that makes it a worthwhile purchase. "Pretty Living" sees the Lung Leg/Miss the Occupier outfit hone the hooks of their first single, which was also released by Glasgow-based Say Dirty. I just wish I won't miss another Peter Parker gig next time I'm in town!

The Ruth Ellis Swing Band stood for what was probably the most unlikely indiepop re-appearance of last year. They were kind enough to send me their new album, but unfortunately it's slipped my mind to mention it repeatedly. What is remarkable about it (except for a virtually unknown band with one flexi to their name doing a 'comeback') is how similar it sounds to their 1989 incarnation. Phil, or Fil, is now the only member of the band, and he once also played in James Dean Driving Experience. The album, called Swinging In the Rain can be had from the man himself here. If you haven't heard the two songs from the flexi "The Antichrist of Love & Hatred", you can do so here. (I played "Burn Your Books and Join My Life" on the radioshow/podcast last year.) Among the new songs, the standouts are the opening track "Can I Tempt You", which languidly jangles in nostalgia for those long lost indiepop compilation tapes (that they were occasionally on), just like "Like My Heart Still Shines", while "Too Near" sounds more like am angry mod beater filtered through The Jam, and songs like "Love's Got a Hold of My Heart" makes you think of a tinfoil Spacemen 3, even. A pleasant surprise to say the least.

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The Soft City is from New York (only Phil is a Brit) X