Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Stumble Out of the Club At 6 AM

I've had some serious catching up to do, and used my day off for it (instead of doing school work). So the next two podcasts are going to be full of new indiepop fun. First of all I'd like to give a big hand to Skatterbrain, cause Matt's recent posting spree has been great. I've just submitted a track to his All My Summer Songs, which I think will end up being an amazing mixtape!

While I've neglected to write back to Scott, who left a nice and informative comment on my Juniper post, Skatterbrain have been busy praising them, and Cloudberry have even gone ahead to interview Scott and Doug! To be set straight on a few points - just go here. Really looking forward to hearing more of Ampersand too!

Also joining in with the praise of World Atlas, Fred Thomas' new band following his last tour with Saturday Looks Good to Me (now joined in the indiepop family grave by The Lucksmiths, whose last breath will include three gigs with A Smile and a Ribbon - an unheralded honour!). Look out for their first ep soon!

More about new releases in the appropriate podcast posts - here are the details of COIR 014 (for which I've already posted the poster).

Don't Die On My Doorstep Auckland edition
Live Uni & Her Ukelele (US) + Wildwood Lights
Venue Cross Street Studios, 27 Cross St.
When 10 June, 8pm
DJs The Auckland Anorak Massive

I'm excited about doing a new minifanzine again! Uni is also playing at the MUM Club Night at Cassette Number Nine on the 12th. I was supposed to guest DJ there, but 'unfortunately' The Chills have decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Pink Frost" with a very rare gig that date! So I guess that'll have to be later...

Finally just a small note to alert people to the fact that I've now added a link to Summer's Just a Kiss Away compilation. I know people have been waiting to hear this, so I can only hope it's been worth the wait! It's far from summer over here - our house is freezing cold and I was walking down Franklin Road today, among the freshly fallen leaves.

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