Sunday, May 10, 2009


Third one in three weeks! Luckily I've got next week off. I think this is one of the best ones so far - perhaps mainly because of the Very Truly Yours track, which is from their brand new ep. The five tracks on it are much more mellow than say, "Popsong '91". Instead they've developed a creepy resemblance to Camera Obscura. I can only hope they will get as big! Get the Reminders EP from them on Myspace.

Also new stuff from The Bridal Shops classy new record out on Plastilina, it's called In Fragments and contains six brand new songs. And new music too from The Very Most, Eat Skull, The Tartans, Little Girls, The German Measles, Ye Olde Maids and Two If By Sea.

But perhaps more notably there are a couple of new songs by Strawberry Whiplash and Wildwood Lights. The latter are, as you may remember, supporting Uni & Her Ukelele at the gig I'm putting on, and this might be the first opportunity to hear their music in recorded form! "Picture Perfect" appeared on Strawberry Whiplash's Myspace just before the radio show, and promises sugar and spice for the forthcoming Matinée record.

I forgot to say something about The High Windows, it seems. They were an Israeli band who people say released that country's first pop album! It came out in 1967, and was reissued 40 years later. The songs that I've heard have an overbearing psych/folk-rock feel, and on here you can hear one of their non-Hebrew singles.

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