Sunday, May 3, 2009


Just a week between them now! I wonder how long I can keep this up? I've got plenty of stuff for next week, but after that we'll just have to see. On here is new music from The Voluntary Butler Scheme, The Champagne Socialists, Woods, The Hepburns, Chain and the Gang and The Foxgloves (or at least a newly released one in that case!). I've been fascinated with the Malibu U. show for years, ever since finding out that "Malibu U." by Majestic was a cover. The song was actually written by the Addrisi Bothers for a 1967 music show on American tv.

After 10 pm we switched gears and turned the place into a pop club, with me and Mark Parallelogram choosing most of the cuts. You can actually hear the whole set here, and the playlist is on Myspace if you're interested!


brogues said...

Svevonius comes up trumps again on that Chain and The Gang lp! Side 2 is especially strong.

P.S. There's a new band in Glasgow who also have 'and The Gang' in their name. Never mind an 'unpronounceable name' they have an unsayable name!

brogues said... time you see Mark Parallelogram please tell him that 'Papageno' is smashing and sounded BRILL in Hamburg!

Markie said...

Hey Brogues - you can tell him yourself.

Thank you.

Although I don't recall playing in Hamburg - that must have been quite a gig!


Markie Parallelogram

brogues said...

hee hee...I meant it sounded great when I played it while 'DJing' in Hamburg at Hedi's Landgang after Horowitz and Compute had turned in sterling sets :) I'm pretty sure Pete Horowitz spun it in The Prinzenbar, too!

smiles, d