Sunday, May 31, 2009


After some doubts about maintaining the same standard I think this week's podcast ended up really well! New sounds from Bricolage, the already/hyped Cheap Red (Boyracer + Kanda), World Atlas and Help Stamp Out Loneliness. The latter is Colm and Ben from Language of Flowers' new band. Buy their brand new first 7" from Papillons Noirs! But I really want to push Standard Fare, who are a bright and shiny POP group from Sheffield. "Dancing" on their split-7" with Slow Down Tallahassee (on The SPC) is one of the singles of the year, but apparently they were too late to get on the now jam-packed Indietracks roster. But I can recommend this (last!) Lostmusic gig which is pre-Indietracks. Also playing are Indietracks veterans The Smittens as well as One Happy Island. 10 tickets left...

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