Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Last Lighthouse Keeper

I've found two amazing web resources this week. One has got to do with Australian band The Lighthouse Keepers. You may remember me writing about Widdershins a good while ago - The Lighthouse Keepers is the band Greg and Juliet were in before that. Also, I read that two other LK members went on to The Honeys and The Cannanes! You also may remember that Juliet Ward is one of my favourite female singers ever.

So imagine my joy when I discovered this site, which has many interesting features such as 1985-86 reviews and downloads of the whole Lipsnipegroin compilation. So if you're tired of waiting for that Egg Records retrospective you should check out this double-disc 1992 release that includes everything they recorded!

I know at least one LK fan that will rejoice with me... At first glance it seemed as if "Quick Sticks" was not included, but it is, it's just been renamed "I've Been Getting Down" - which is definitely a change for the worse! Similarly, another track from their first 7", "Demolition Man", is called "Demolition Team" here instead. I've put up "Quick Sticks" from that 1983 single (which had "Gargoyle" on the a-side) for you, to encourage you to check out the rest. It's really one of their best songs and features some great, perky rhythms from their talented bass player Stephen O'Neil (the guy who started The Cannanes).