Monday, November 3, 2008

Flatter Me and I'll Flatten You

It's time to make some promotion for this year's Christmas Twee, cause if you haven't noticed yet, I'm playing records! If you need a proper attraction though, it's worth mentioning that Phil Wilson is playing. I saw him two years ago in London (and was supposed to have interviewed him as well...) and it was a fantastic gig - even with just him and Big John. Now he's playing with a full band, and it can only be beyond fantastic.

Mighty Mighty is not a tribute band, it actually is Mighty Mighty. They haven't released anything new, they're just... playing. It remains to be seen if they still have the knack of laying down as solid a beat as that of "Throwaway" - a now legendary slice of disposable bubblegum pop from the first Sha-La-La flexi.

If those guys were all married to Phil Wilson, Mascot Fight could've been their kids. What? Under-50-year-olds playing indiepop! Yes, it's true. At least the Derby outfit has learned a lot from 80s indiepop judging by the demo cd I was handed by Ian Watson at least year's Indietracks. Oh, I just saw you can download their first ep from their website. There's even a song called "Christmas Dinner For One" to get you in the right, teeth-clattering mood. Apparently, they have an album called Pantomime Hearse coming out soon as well.

In all the excitement over this old pop, don't forget to pick up your tickets, and buy some for your friends too so you can cross them from your Christmas shopping list. Are there any spruces around the Midland Railway Centre? You might as well get some cheap Christmas trees while you're communing with nature anyway.

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