Saturday, November 22, 2008

Death By Él Graphic

I was trying to find a picture of Jeremy Butler, but they seem rather scarce, apart from the few photos of The Groove Farm that you can find online. So you'll have to make do with the cover of the compilation that the featured song is from. Él Graphic have designed sleeves for everything from Slumber Party to Hunky Dory cds and they almost always look great. Butler has recorded their theme tune, called simply "Él Graphic". Now, that's credited to Tomorrow's World and anyone who's browsed through Butler's discography, must've been met with a certain puzzlement. You see, he has for a long time now worked with Mike Alway and written and arranged songs for many of the if.../Reverie projects that have seen the light of day through Siesta. The trouble is that they've used different names for pretty much everything!

However, Tomorrow's World seems to be the closest you get to Jeremy Butler solo. This might be because among the first songs that were released after he teamed up with Alway were by Vision On, the first band he had had all to himself. They were taken off their sole ep and put on Songs For the Jet Set under the name Tomorrow's World. (A compilation that also included the aptly named psychedelic shoolgirl group Fantastic Everlasting Gobstopper!) More tracks have been released under the Tomorrow's World moniker over the years - all spread out over various compilations.

Butler was kind enough to put all the tracks, plus some extras from old tapes, onto one cd for me, called Paper Airplane Book. It's 16 tracks long, and crying out to be released on Siesta. So by sharing just one of these wonderfully classy sunshine/lounge/bossa creations, I hope you'll be putting some pressure on Alway and Siesta to go ahead and do it! Besides, it's the time of year when Christmas songs start to feel bearable again.

CLOUD 78 Tomorrow's World - I Don't Intend to Spend Christmas Without You