Wednesday, December 9, 2009

They Forgot Me Knot

I'm taking my break from writing essays and going to the UK, stopping in London, Newcastle and Glasgow. Here are some of the events I'm going to, and that you shouldn't miss either, on crutches or not.

I made neither of these of course, but I'm playing records at a few of them. Also at this Saturday's Popklubb in Newcastle, for which I couldn't find a decent-sized flyer.

New records are out on Captured Tracks, which gives you chance to pick up pop wonders like the new The Girls At Dawn ep and the debut 7" from Beachniks. Both DDOMD favourites!


brogues said...

I hope you don't enjoy the shows so much that you get 'moved to kick the crutches' from your 'crippled friend' :)

kbxmas said...

I found your site because I hit the "next blog" link at the top of my blog. Blogger said it had updated this and it would now take me to blogs that were similar to mine (whereas it used to just pretty much take me to porn sites). But I'm not sure we have much in common, as I'm a 40-something writer from Kansas and know nothing about pop music. But if you don't mind, would you visit my blog when you get back to Sweden, because I'm a bit of a flag hussy and I'd love a Swedish flag on my visitor counter. Thanks, and enjoy the UK!

Anonymous said...

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