Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday Never Comes Around

I recently heard two Bulldozer Crash songs I'd never seen before. They were on this tape from Bliss Aquamarine called Turquoise Trees:

Turned out they were from a recording session which spawned four tracks that must have been meant for release on Sunday Records. But BC never managed to get drums recorded for them so they remained unreleased. Until now! Stephen has just put them up over at This Almighty Pop! as a download single, and also tells us the full story behind the songs. The sleeve, as you can see, has the same layout as the band's two 7"s on Sunday.

If the especially made-up Monday Records had been a real label and this an actual 7" it would be among my favourites this year! And while we are on this theme I thought I'd upload Bulldozer Crash's cover of one of Po!'s most beautiful songs, "Fay". It's got a gorgeous vocal by Marc and was on a compilation flexi Sunday released in 1993, called Happy Sunday, on which Sunday bands do versions of each others' songs.

CLOUD 111 Bulldozer Crash - Fay


Anonymous said...

Hi Kris! The Turquoise Trees tape was released by Kim who runs the Bliss Aquamarine fanzine / website. The tape Red Roses released was called Turquoise Days. I think Roque confused the two tapes in a recent post as well. It's easily done. Kim is from the Midlands area but the last time I was in touch she wasn't listening to much indiepop stuff. Hope you have a great Christmas. :)

stephen said...

Cheers Kris, thanks for the kind words, Marc will be over the moon you like his vari-speeded vocals on Fay, he didn't like them at the time and probably likes them even less now. Being a bit of a hoarder, I'm sure somewhere I have the piece of paper Ruth sent me titled "Play 'Fay' In A Day", I practiced for a month and still couldn't master it! Still my favourite Po! song.