Friday, September 5, 2008

Montmartre 15-40

Just saw Claude Lelouch's Un homme et une femme, which won at Cannes in 1966. Surprisingly conventional, but very very pretty. One of the most interesting things was that the female character's telephone number was the same as the title of Popundret's only album. I never knew where that came from until now!

A record both similar in sound to Popundret and similar in style to Lelouch's mise-en-scène is Northern Portrait's new ep Napolean Sweetheart. Following up on the Matinée debut from earlier this year, my immediate reaction was that the songs were not as strong as "Crazy" and "A Quiet Night In Copenhagen". But apart from the fact that those songs are ingeniously simply, that proved to be wrong. The new songs are less simple, admittedly, but also more rewarding. I discovered this after compulsively singing bits of opening track "I Give You Two Seconds to Entertain Me" over and over the last few days. Especially the bit where the vocal line drops: 'I'm so tired of the way she's selling out'. 'This whole thing is killing me - I don't want to be killed' is cute is well. But the stand-out track is without a doubt "In an Empty Hotel" that jangles passionately. They also try their hand at a longer composition with "Our Lambrusco Days" and emerge triumphant. Northern Portrait continue to outclass every Swedish band apart from Days, we ought to call it a disgrace. But let's call it pop instead.

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