Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Can Beat Your Drum, Baby

Anyone who's checked in at How Does It Feel to Loved? recently might have noticed that my humble self will be playing records at the Brixton edition in October. I'm greatly looking forward to this thing, because I've always wanted to do it! I've prepared the best set I'll ever be able to do, and so good it is that I had to say no to Ian's suggestion to do a vinyl-only night (who has all their favourite songs on vinyl?). But come and witness my idea of perfection on the 3rd if you're within reasonble distance. Or I'll see you in Nottingham the following day.

If you've got an acute sense perception, you will have noticed while scrolling that this flyer is in Swedish. What it is, is the return of our uni club night Klubb K3, that I have now hijacked (since no one else could be arsed to start it up again). As you can see the mod/northern angle is still prominent. We've got three dates this semester and I've put down three themes that will hopefully distinguish them from each other (usually, you can't account for what monsters the teacher guest-djs will unleash anyway). These themes are all the stuff of the 60s: sunshine & bubblegum pop, yé-yé & chanson and northern soul & r'n'b. And yes, it's all free.

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andy said...

åh men vafan, jag ÄR ju i London den dagen. tråkiga nyheten är att jag redan köpt biljett för att gå och se Foot Village på Luminaire samma kväll! lär ju inte hinna ned till Brixton för att fånga ditt set ifall vi fullföljer den planen. jag ska prata med mitt lilla gäng och se om jag kan styra vägarna söderut istället för nordväst!