Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've Got Hopes In Every Unopened Envelope

Back at school and back to business - it's time to post some more songs here! (I should get around to post pics from Indietracks and Glasgow soon as well...). Since I'm going to New Zealand in some months I thought I'd upload a song by overlooked Wellington group The Wild Poppies. Their output consisted of a self-released album in 1986 followed by two singles. That album, Heroine, is where "This Person" is from and just like this song it sounds like it should have been on Flying Nun. If it had, they would have been as legendary as The Bats are now, I'm sure. If you happen to like this, the album shouldn't be too hard to find online (I downloaded it about a year ago). The singles "Stare At the Sun" and "Out of Time" remain lost in time - if anyone's got them, let me know!

CLOUD 69 The Wild Poppies - This Person

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