Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the Page Where I Met Her

I had some hours to kill in Mount Cook today, so I uploaded some of my favourite photos so far. I walked out to something called Kea Point, where you could see this view. The glaciers haven't started to build up again, so there was only some water there now. It was supposed to be two hour walk there and back again but I walked it in one, cause the weather wasn't very good. I was listening to that second Red House Painters album, and some Pale Fountains, which made the whole thing even more majestic. And to wrap things up - here's a through-the-viewfinder (or through-the-binoculars) shot of the Tasman Lake (or Terminal Lake).


Arthit said...

Absolutely stunning pictures.

andy said...

Nice to see that you are having a majestic time. I found a Velvet Crush CD on Record Store Day in London, and a Lung Leg 7", so I thought of you.

Jessel said...

Wow! Amazing pictures!