Saturday, September 25, 2010

Female Superstructure

The last track of the second podcast for Slumberland that I just finished is the amazing "Please Stay With Me" by Charlotte & Emily from 1965. I haven't found any information about the artists except that they were from New York and released this one single for New Voice, the sister label to Bob Crewe's Dynovoice. Both sides of this fantastic release have been compiled (for example on the Lost Jukebox series and The Dynovoice Story 1965-68) and I recently heard the a-side, the haunting "Love Not Have I", and you simply must hear it. And look out for the new Slumberland podcast - if you're subscribed to the HIAYH feed you will already have got it!

CLOUD 119 Charlotte & Emily - Love Not Have I

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Maura Nolan said...

Dear Boy,

I think I can help you with information about Charlotte & Emily. First, thank you for the compliments! Secondly, I am Maura Nolan (Charlotte) who composed "Love Not Have I" and was the lead singer on both sides. My singing partner Barbara Fiorda (Emily) did back-up and second verse of "Love . . ." Our manager, Kevin Gavin, wrote the b side "Please Stay With Me" The great Bob Crewe produced and arranged them both. We were youngish teenagers. Kind of shy and innocent. Sort of. I'd written "Love..." as a simple folk song on guitar. When we arrived at the studio in NYC to record, Bob Crewe had totally transformed it into this really cool, almost dirge-like, moody plea for love. Frankly, it was a little ahead of its time. I think if they had released the B side, it would've been more commercial. Or if they'd released it AFTER Christmas and not right before. You can email me at if you'd like more info or a pic. Again, thanks for being a fan!!!