Thursday, February 11, 2010

Plotting a Fever

Some updates from the world of girl garage groups. Best Coast have released the first 7" of 2010! It's out on Post Present Medium now and features three tracks. Lead-off track "Something In the Way" is quite old now, but I love it as much as when it got played at Don't Die On My Doorstep way back in 2009. "Wish He Was You" and "The Road" are newer and definitely sound better recorded.

Vivian Girls tour the US again, instead of coming to Sweden like any other sensible band. A new 7" is available from their own Wild World label, as soon as they get back home I guess. You can hear the b-side wich is a cover of The Chantels on Myspace. Sounds great!

The Girls At Dawn have a 7" on Tic Tac Totally on the way. The a-side "Back to You" is embellishing their myspace at the moment, but no cover art has appeared yet.

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