Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Clouds Send Down Tears From My Eyes

Los Angeles-based Best Coast is not only Don't Die On My Doorstep's band of the month, they've also released a new single which is so great it must be featured here. 'They' because Bethany has now put a full band together, and they make the two new tracks sound better than anything Vivian Girls or Brilliant Colors have recorded this year. Unfortunately it looks like what could have been one of the best 7"s of the year is only available in digital format, from the label Black Iris. I sure can't find a physical copy anywhere! Well, here is the a-side, shared by the label. Naturally it didn't take long for "This Is Real" to appear on a blog as well, but I'd be happy to pay for it if it was a real b-side!

CLOUD 110 Best Coast - When I'm With You


Rocker said...


Anonymous said...

have you seen this video that someone made to go along with the track? i like it a lot <3

Matt said...

i liked best coast for a while, and then i thought i was over it, and then i listened to the new-ish ep and i reckon i'm smitten with her all over again. "make you mine" is too good and this song is just as good :D