Sunday, October 18, 2009

Carnival Headache

No one really mentions the Wolfhounds compilation The Essential Wolfhounds, which came out on September already in 1988. It contains some of their best songs, from singles and their first album. The liner notes (courtesy of tell us that "they were born in East London in 1985. After years of working in a wool warehouse, a laboratory, a plastics factory and a coffee bar their first record 'Cut The Cake', was published in 1986. Since then they have written many songs on philosophy, the occult, crime and sexual deviance plus a host of successful songs which have won them an international reputation. Their work has been translated into Spanish, French, Swedish, Dutch, Welsh, Arabic, Urdu, Japanese, German, Finnish and Hebrew." Why then may I ask, are their albums not available on cd? All there is, is the compilation Lost But Happy on Cherry Red (who own the rights to all their songs). And if you're lucky you might find the reissue of The Essential Wolfhounds that Midnight did.

Anyway, I just got to hear it, and after some scouring of online sources I was able to find pretty much all the band's songs. With a few exceptions: "Whale On the Beach" from the 12" version of Cruelty, the b-sides to Son of Nothing, the Happy Shopper 12" and their cover of "I'm Not Like Everybody Else". Who's got these?

One of the best songs I hadn't had the pleasure of hearing before is "Cold Shoulder", from The Anti-Midas Touch released on the Pink Label in 1986.

CLOUD 104 The Wolfhounds - Cold Shoulder


stephen said...

You can find the Happy Shopper 12" here . . .

as well as "I'm not like everybody else" courtesy of Mr Fitchett and one of his play lists. Sorry can't help you with Whale On the Beach.

David and Louise told me you would Dj-ing at the December Popklubb so I will bring along that Proctors 7" for you.

stephen said...

B-sides to Son Of Nothing up there now as well.

The Boy and the Cloud said...

yes, i am. looking forward to seeing you.

iainmayfield said...

Hiya - I've got several wolfhounds albums on cd - at least two- and not the ones you mention here!