Friday, August 28, 2009

"In June" In June

Completely deserving of its own post is Summer Cat's first album Songs For Tuesdays. Out on Slumberland since a few weeks, it should be in every pop fans collection by now. Like labelmates The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, they've re-recorded their previously released songs for the album, and as as much as I loved the WeePOP! ep, this album is in a completely different league. They've really come into their own, and instead of sounding a bit all-over-the-place, the different songwriters and singers complement each other perfectly. Perhaps I would've wanted more than one song with female vocals, but "In June" is so perfect that I can't plausibly complain. The 12-string easily rockets it to a first position, but most every song on here is a hit really. The first time I heard it was actually in June, in Alex's car. It's closely followed by the superlative "Super" and "Maybe Pile" with its resonant vocal. I hope that new video comes online soon! The only negative thing I can think of in this context is that I didn't get a chance to see them while in Melbourne, because I doubt they'll come to Sweden, or even Europe. (That was a cue to prove me wrong - please!)

I also failed to mentioned, in the Slumberland extravaganza post below, that there are two new volumes in the slightly delayed singles series Searching For the Now. #5 pairs Swedish Liechtenstein with the now sadly defunct The Faintest Ideas. Liechtenstein contribute the fantastic "This Must Be Heaven" (which you can download here) and it could easily have been included on their album that came out a few months ago. Fellow Gothenburgians give us two previously unreleased songs that will remind you how great their Magic Marker album was, and that you should've gone to that show they did in the US where not a single person turned up. I like the artwork too, for both singles.

The other volume has two British bands - on one side The School's Left Banke cover "And Suddenly" which I've already given a fair share of airplay - and on the other ex-Kenickie band George Washington Brown, who sound remarkably like Boyracer!

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