Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Like Cake In the Rain

Claude (Popsong Romance) just made us this brilliant flyer! God knows I wouldn't have time to do one. I've been working on this one below - for Still Flyin's first gig in Hamburg. The photo is an old Vogue shoot, that I came across thanks to My Vintage Vogue.

But it could also have looked like this, with Richard Harris in Lindsay Anderson's 60s classic This Sporting Life. We found out recently that Richard Harris the actor and Richard Harris the singer are the same person, which makes it even funnier!


String Bean Jen said...

I was already admiring your bathing suit flyer because those are the sort of swimsuits I long for but that My Vintage Vogue link is an even greater site to look at and get lost in. Fantastic!

Matt said...

both of those flyers are great kris! i cant decide which i like more.