Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ticket to Hide

Are you hiding out by the swimming pool? Well, the coast is clear so if you hurry no one will notice that your clothes were stolen. When you are safely home you can scour your little sister's wardrobe for some flowery pyjamas and then step out to Don't Die On My Doorstep. To avoid being left out in the autumn cold with passers-by staring enviously at your outfit, you could try buying a ticket on your way to the swimming pool. Just DON'T put it in your pocket because your clothes will be stolen, remember? Once safely inside and soothed by the general cuddliness of the club, you can relax and have some cake. We'll give you presents and all YOU have to do is remember the Secret Password, which is the name of that old man your dad told you not to listen to. But of course you went on and read A Season In Hell anyway. "Oh, you mean Lawrence? He's harmless!" Yes, we know. But you might be in danger because of other reasons. The club will be raided by Pirates, I tell you. They'll sing you sweet songs about serpents and death, trying to lure you with them across the sea. Don't listen to them. Not even the Secret Password can save you then! Oh, I've said too much - now you'll never come... But there'll be cake...? ... and presents? pop music? Nah, it's pointless.


The Boy and the Cloud said...

dearest reader,
what this post is REALLY saying is that tickets for our first night, with Scarlet's Well (October 16th), have been released. which means you can go ahead and BUY them. the first ten people who, upon entering, utter the password ('lawrence') will be rewarded with a present, whose nature will have to remain undisclosed because of legal reasons.

someone should grab me by the collar here...


Anonymous said...

I'd go, if only I lived in Meow Meow.