Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hazy Tambourine Days

Let's turn back another page. Someone asked for a playlist from Taramasalata, and considering it was a week ago now I'd better get to it. The day before So Tough So Cute was the last the day of the short tour with A Smile and a Ribbon. We were in Gothenburg to play at my friend's club at Kontiki. We got to borrow lots of stuff from The Faintest Ideas and The Electric Pop Group so cheers to them! But we had to carry most of it ourselves, from the rehearsal space, onto the tram and over to the venue. The place is definitely not made for live music and the stage is the size of your average bathroom. But somehow we managed to squeeze ourselves on stage and Martin from TEPG got the PA working. I was half sitting on the amplifier... but it was cosy and nice to play together with Elin again (who'd missed out on all the UK fun). After the gig I did two sets behind the turntables and this is what I played, in roughly the correct order:

Blueboy – Cosmopolitan
The Hang-Ups – Top of Morning
Tree Fort Angst! – Tilting At Windmills
Simp├ítico – Union Station
Twig – Devil Talking to You
Strawberry Whiplash – Summershine
Ariane – Tu voudrai que j’oublie
Rocketship – Hey, Hey Girl
Brittle Stars – Circus
The Orchids – And When I Wake Up
Fat Tulips – It’s So True
Felt – Vasco da Gama
The School – All I Wanna Do
The Daisies – Cold Wave
The Wolfhounds – Stars In the Tarmac
The Byrds – Lady Friend
Horowitz – Tracyanne
McCarthy – The Way of the World
Happydeadmen – Silent Sigh City
The Rainyard – Hell-Bent Suicidal Over You
The Dovers – Your Love
Tommy Dodson – One Day Love
Maxine Darren – Don’t You Know
The Hit Parade – My Favourite Girl
The Saturday People – Upside-Down Girl
St. Christopher – And I Wonder
The Orange Peels – Everybody’s Gone
Thee Milkshakes – The Best Things In Life
Tuesday Weld – Are You the Boy
The Siddeleys – Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes
The Hardy Boys – Wonderful Lie
The Brilliant Corners – Laugh I Could Have Cried
Strawberry Story – This Time Baby
Mousie & the Traps – How About You
The Liberty Ship – She Don’t Care About Time
James Dean Driving Experience – Drop Dead Darling
The Squires – I Can’t Do It

Not surprisingly, The Hit Parade, Rocketship and St. Christopher were the most popular tunes. They're so predictable, the Gothenburg crowd! But that's why we like them. You can see the usual suspects dancing to "And I Wonder" above. There were some northern soul folks there too and one of them seemed very pleased to get to shuffle his feet to Mousie & the Traps. No one blinked an eye when I played "Drop Dead Darling" though, which was meant to be the icing on the cake.


martijn said...

Is that Victor Dorotea on the photo?

The Boy and the Cloud said...

there's no mistaking him, is there? actually, i was talking about him with gregory webster too. he seemed rather fond of the guy!

see you at the sinister picnic then?



Marianthi said...

Ah, Chris, you have no idea how lucky you are that your predictable Gothenburg crowd know who The Hit Parade are, let alone them being popular. I can only dream about such glories here in London...

martijn said...

"there's no mistaking him, is there?"

Last time I saw him was during the TVPs comeback gig in London, three years ago now. He was standing in front of a crowd, where the average age must have been about 40, enjoying himself like I've never seen enjoying themselves. At least not since I had seen that same Victor trying to stagedive at a Sportique gig in a small Swedish festival. :)